Monday, May 23, 2011

Had My Moments

I gave my eulogy yesterday
On the long graveled road
That led to the house at the top
Of the dusty hill
I spoke eloquently about my accomplishments
Or the lack thereof
The sun felt oppressive and I worried about snakes
But I was nonetheless long winded
Telling about what a bright lad I was
Good in school
Never great
A fine athlete
Never the best
A good writer, compared to most
A fine enough husband, friend and father
Nothing to boast of really
An adequate teacher
Had my moments
Noticed as I spoke that I was quite alone
Except for the dust that hung above me like a cloud
I waved it off only for it to return
Seemed I’d never reach the house at the top of the hill
A sad looking place anyway
All by itself
I closed my eulogy with a few thoughts about what I’d meant
To humanity
Not much really
Just someone passing through
As it were
Had my moments
But any contributions would not be long noted
As I finally neared the house I realized the flaw 
I was not yet deceased
I was, however, asleep
I’d never reach that house
Instead I’d wake up
To face another day
It would soon pass too
They all know
So I sigh

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