Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Optimist

Letters never sent and that I am just now writing
Battles I won but were never even fighting
Kind comments I accepted but never heard
Things I’d spoken without saying a word
I believed all I’d done and thought it good
I hoped you’d understand and knew you would
Troubles would vanish before they were here
Because joyous occasions are always near
The dawn brings promise of a better day
Though it is dark and gloomy and moods are gray
This is the life I’ve wanted to live
These are the promises I wanted to give
To be always sure that all would turn out right
Whether with no effort or all of my might
Places I’ve been to that I’ll visit someday
Applauded for speeches I did not say
On I go living every day to the hilt
What a lucky life I’ve somehow built

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