Friday, May 27, 2011

Won’t Get Fooled Again

He looked like someone who was permanently befuddled
His mind in disarray, a total muddle
He couldn’t sort it or figure anything out
Never understood or knew what it was about
But he commanded respect from the easily cowed
Of the fear he inspired he was supremely proud
For he was a leader, a boss, in charge
And this man’s ego was incredibly large
He barked silly orders to and to all
And loved it when underlings would genuflect and crawl
But he accomplished nothing this terrible brute
Aside, perhaps, from accumulating loot
He stayed in power through bluff and through fear
At maintaining his position he had no peer
When finally ousted and showered with shame
He slunk off quietly looking weak looking lame
But comeback he did as memories faded
His failures and wrong doings were quietly shaded
He came back strong, this titanic buffoon
And sent the whole works again into ruin
Lessons weren’t learned people too easily fooled
And once again by an idiot they were ruled
Be wary my friends don’t get fooled twice
Figure it out when someone’s not smart or not nice
Choose wisely your leaders the first time around
And don’t let them back in after their failings are found

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