Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spirit Girl

How like a desperate tiger you clawed me 
Love your weapon of choice
As I in a stupor laid languid on the kitchen floor
Not able to take my eyes of a whirling dance 
That was the ceiling
But you insisted I was better
A potent man of means
Capable of greatness
What could you see
In me
What could I have done 
To deserve your
My arm swung 
Grasping for you
Or a bottle
Whatever I could grab first
You ached for me
Would deny me nothing
Especially not your body
Even there 
On the kitchen floor
Where passion erupted
Overcoming my intoxication
Making me a man
You were my enabler
I the struggling artist
Whose talent was drowning
In amber liquid
Consumed in vats
So it seemed
The cause was the cure
But you never wavered
Knowing that someday
Light would shine 
On me
My God you were right
And when I emerged
You were there
Spirit girl
Today I am still not whole
But present in the world
Surrounded by your love
The gratitude is endless
The love boundless
The life

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