Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Great Exploration

Our greatest quest it to find out who we are
A life long journey into ourselves
We travel far and wide
Never minding expense
Spend enormous quantities of money
Look the wrong way
Follow the wrong tracks
Chose the wrong fork in the road
Delve into madness
Distraction by television
Make ourselves comatose
With food
Talk about nothing incessantly
Unwilling to look into any mirror
That will reflect our soul
Digging on the songs of trivia
Afraid of what we’ll find
If we find ourselves
So unwilling to embrace
Our true nature
Warned away from ourselves
By religious figures
Commentators and pundits
Feeding ourselves with pablum
Not nourishing our soul
So it gets flabby
Our spirit becomes flaccid
We droop
Propping ourselves up
With inanity
Most of us die having never known
Who the fuck we are
Sad really

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