Friday, May 20, 2011

Odds Against

I tried
Though there was never a reason
I persisted
Though it was hopeless
I endured
Though there was no hope
I cared, I cried
Such futility
The agonies of staying at it
Through the daily disappointments
The unspeakable
Loud, hollow, long-winded words
The clamoring of the grieving
Piteous cries and angry yelps
It all made sense
But amounted to nothing
Death absorbed the joy
Lifeless forms blotting out the sun
The sufferers hiding in corners
Too long, too sad, too hopeless
And I was alone
We all were
Isolated from the vibrancy of
the spirit of
the joy of
How we struggled
Rarely complaining
The lack
The missing
The death of hope
I tried
Odds against

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