Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Up Early

The woman was up at dawn
She prepared tea
Looked out the window
To the fog shrouded valley
The old house creaked
The tea kettle whistled
The woman wore a long housecoat
Her hair was braided
Her freckled face smiled briefly as she realized
There were fresh biscuits in the tin
She smelled of the sex from a few hours ago
The he slept upstairs
The memory of the coupling made her melancholy
He enjoyed it
For her it was okay
The tea and biscuit would be more pleasurable
The cat entered the kitchen and rubbed against her leg
Finally the woman sat
Sipping her tea and nibbling on the biscuit
At last a long contented smile crossed her face
The man would leave soon
The house, the day, would be hers
The fog would lift 
She’d be able to shop in the village
Work in her garden
And catch up on letters
The cat would be plenty of company
The tea was good

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