Monday, June 13, 2011

I Wander Through What I Wonder

Welcome to my nervous breakdown
It has come during a creative burst
Flowering as I am with new ideas
Like that one over there
And visions that I can’t explain
Overwhelmed by a rollicking and rip-roaring
I’m driving now
On the highway of dreams
Where love stops for a kiss
And mighty raging tides of desire
Combat irrational behavior
In a rich stew of pendulous orgasms
But I’m not quite right, you see
The old brain teetering on the verge of
Oh I don’t know what
But not in balance
I get these worried looks from imaginary people
Or real ones
I can’t quite tell them apart anymore
Perhaps rock lyrics and duck hunting aren’t so different
For the truly mad
I wish, I wish I wish I were a wisher of songs
I’d dive right into pools of 
I can’t complete that sentence
I was interrupted by a moment of clarity
I hate it when that happens
So different am I from your overweight beer swelling hunter
Resplendent in American flag and anthems and pledges
Me I’m just the lucky guy
Love to hear you say that love is love
But that’s plagiarism
So I wander through what I wonder
And it all makes sense
At last

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