Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Really Knows

Staring into eternity
The cosmos
Vast endless space
But the TV is on now so never mind that
Look for other ways of saying I’m fine
God’s eyes are upon me
But the Andy Griffith theme song is playing
Deep breaths and forever moments
Pondering timeless existence
Is it heaven or hell
Ads on TV to cure back pain
Lawyers hawking themselves
Still I look for answers
But the questions aren’t multiple choice
I roam around my mind 
Easy enough to get lost
But I am among the found
News bulletin about missing child
At least its not air strikes
Should I pray or meditate or write these words
There are no easy solutions
To problems we don’t understand
The more I learn the more I want to give up
But the TV tells of sales at the mall
Must take advantage
Can always think later
Whenever that is

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