Friday, June 10, 2011

Growing Up is Hard to Do

What happened to me on lonely nights
Those yesterdays when I was young
The fair haired lad who talked of dreams
A fecund imagination
Rain, wind clicking sounds
And then a dance with death
Before realizing everything was okay
Just be calm and look no further then your friends
But I despaired mightily of every finding peace
Let alone love
Oh how somber nights passed with nothing but
False fears and invented dilemmas
Tears of fury placated something within me
Until I understood
That I was right all along
It was OK
And I would be fine
Lonely nights turned to days of glory
Misunderstanding myself
Re-arranging death so it looked doable
I claim victory now
Over the insane moods that merely perpetuated
A crossing of sorrow and hunger
That was false idolatry personified
That young confused man I was is clear now
That nothing need be understood but the unknown
Leave the rest to chance
You’re fine and always have been, son

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