Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gun Crazy

Have you seen up close what a bullet does to skin
Have you seen brain matter in flight
Have you see the life drain from a body
Can you imagine a family’s grief
Do you understand a community’s pain
Is it fair to see young lives end suddenly
Are you the grieving mother or father
Or child or spouse
Are you the limp body cold on a slab
Or are you the perpetrator destined for a life locked up
Never to know freedom again
Are you condemned to live with the guilt and the pain
Who are you
Do you care
Do your actions and beliefs contribute
To gaping gunshot wounds in human skulls
Do you know any remorse as your cold, live hands clutch desperately
At the antiquated notion of guns for all and all for guns
Go on and preach gun safety
While others live in reality
Or die in it
Or are crippled in it
Or see loved ones snuffed out from it
Bang bang

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