Friday, June 24, 2011


Forgive my brevity
But I’ve got so much to say
That I don’t want to waste a lot of time
In the saying of it
Or even
For that matter
Giving it a second’s thoughts
Why would I bother detailing
All that is on my mind
So copious, you know
And you there
So forlorn
Can I help you?
Would it be better if I were silent?
Should I not disturb
The long simmering resentment of your oppressive angst
So thoughtful of you to say no
Say so
So I go
Not having bothered about any of it really
And it all so interesting
You know, like those Paris nights before the war
When all we thought of was what party to....
But I’m making you even more morose
And me with wit and charm to spare
Prattling on about nothing
And everything, mind
I’ll take my leave now
And ask you to indulge in a kiss goodbye
In memory of all that I managed not to say
So much really
But then, that’s the point
Isn’t it?
So again I ask you to forgive my brevity

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