Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foibles of Merit

It was a party but he sat in a corner
He used this time to reflect on his life
It had gone nowhere
No great or lasting achievements
Sure enough a functioning
Member of society
But not especially loved
Or noted
Liked and accepted and sometimes
But would soon be forgotten
Nice guy not the legacy one wants
So he sat alone with his drink
And brooded
He was not even a drunk
No addictions
No serious issues
No foibles of merit
Never the center of attention
On the periphery of any scene
Any group
An okay guy
Nice to meet you they said
So he sipped slowly at a drink now watery
From melted ice
That was him
He thought
Melted ambition and dreams
A guy
Part of the crowd
Too old to change
Someone walked by
Glanced at him and smiled
He smiled back
Knowing she’d forget having seen him
In a second or two
And so he sighed

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