Friday, June 3, 2011

Sole Survivor

They are all dead now
Vance, Harry, Lester and the rest
I was the sole survivor
Prospering, happy but not smug
I’ll miss that old gang of mine
Brave lads everyone
But I must go on
Perseverance its own reward
I’ll fight mightily to see that their sacrifices
Were not in vain
I see them still in visions
Bold, handsome, strong and determined
Who could have foreseen that they’d all be gone
So soon
And that I, of all of us, would be left
To carry on
Their vision
But first I must build my fortune
I can’t really honor them while I’m so
Middle class
It takes funding to see through a true
Dedication to their memories that fulfills our
So now I earn
And for them I live a good life
They’d want it that way, I'm sure
This is the best I can do for them
Those gallant young men who paid
Must honor
But not until the time is right
And I am mighty
The sword
This time and forever

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