Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ride it Out

You can watch those silly sitcoms if you want
You can wile away your life in front of the TV
You can do whatever you want
That is soft and harmless and doesn’t raise eyebrows
Play golf
Go shopping
Surf the web
You can soak in the warm rays of sensibility
Ignoring the hard pangs of real living
Why experience your own life
When you can watch others
Especially the fake ones
That are called reality
Numb that pain
Dumb that brain
Slit your wrists while bathing in the vacuous
Make gossip your conversation of choice
Follow celebrities
Live vicariously
Ignore the beauty and horror of the world
Except to comment acidly on the extremes of it
You can live a thousand lives of quiet emptiness
And not do anything
Make your life one long xanax ride

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