Friday, June 17, 2011

You’ve got to Suppress Yourself

Please be vapid
And say innocuous things
If you want to be popular
Parrot the popular ideas of the day
Try being insipid
Around superiors being a sycophant will do
Quite nicely
Be polite and helpful
But watch the charm
(It can be misunderstood)
Toe the company line
Practice moderation in all things
Tone yourself down
Find the happy medium
Don’t get ahead of yourself
And don’t lag behind
Keep up
If you get confused about what to do
Watch some TV
A lot, as a matter of fact
Also check popular websites
Do a lot of “social networking”
All this will help you blend in
Suppress yourself
At all times
We don’t want to have to report you
That’s a good lad
Now go out and be vacuous

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