Friday, January 28, 2011

Damn That Sunset

I lost her in the sunset
It was bright red and gold
The death of that love I still feel 
I’ve aged now and can’t get
Her back
She blended with the clouds
That I thought so puffy and nice
Can’t trust
Even the clouds
Where goes the romances
Of yesterday
How does that burning passion
Become a cold cinder
(Little cinder!)
Why did she traipse off somewhere unknown
Never to appear again
When is there ever a chance
To bring back those naked clutching sweaty moments
That see tangled bodies calling out
To each other
How does that all end
Because of the mysteries of 
The dusty
Or muddy
Road to the awful sunset
That took it all away
Damn it!
Not fair
I beg you to let me feel it again
Only this time
No promises
No sunsets
Just forever

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