Friday, January 14, 2011

It’s Not East Being Here

Can you come down off your high horse
Elevated as you are
Come watch us toiling in the fields
See how we struggle each day
To put food on your table
And scraps on ours
Oh wont you listen to our cares
No need to act
Just consider what we go through
It’s not easy being down here
You have it all up there
Odd that you should complain about responsibilities
Strange that you find so much to complain of
When it is we down here who are so poor
We worry about survival
We are hand to mouth
You are bank to bank
You on your high horse surveying us
Is there some reason you feel superior
Besides your wealth
And what of it anyway
You did not come by it through your own labors
Born to it, you were
Do we resent you
Are we angry
No, we only ask a small share
Enough to keep us happy and free from cares
Go, go on your trips
Drive, drive your many cars
Live, live in your mansion
That’s okay
We don’t want to take that away from you
We just want enough
If you got down off that horse maybe you’d see what we mean
Come on, we won’t bite

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