Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Trickle For Us?

Hello rich people
How are your tax breaks?
Is too much money enough for you?
Is there nothing else we can do for you?
Perhaps less regulating
Then you’ll enjoy true freedom
We’ll just have to trust you to do the right thing
The important is that you get what you need
Please, if you can, we just ask one thing:
Trickle down a little bit to us
We’d really appreciate it
In any case we’ll continue to smooth the way for you
Provide for you
Look after you
Make sure that the luxurious is luxurious enough
You deserve the very best
We prostrate ourselves before you
Least we can do
Please enjoy your money
In any way that you want
If we can figure out how to relieve even more of your tax burden
We will
Better yet, if you come up with something
We’ll rubber stamp it
We cool?

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