Friday, January 7, 2011

Lead us to Forever Places

The comings and goings of the little feet
Propelled by motors of whimsy
Flying past the dust motes and defying the logic of ages
All encompassing rock formations of pink hearts
The enduring sadness of the old man on the corner
Offsetting some of the cacophonous debates in my inner mind
Roaring, poking, lunging fires of the belly
Beasts of care not stopping for anything
Not even the sound of Eden can interrupt the flow of brain traffic
The saplings reach out to us as we busily careen around
Towns and villages are places to stop as muddy country roads
Lead us to forever places
There’s no getting around the laughter of huckleberry bushes in full bloom
So we dive headlong into the mirth
Not stopping for cadences or the rapture
Too busy to notice the blooms of the hydrangea bushes
Or the up-shooting of the limbs of destiny
We are what we always wanted to be
The children of calamity making Sisyphus turn back
O! We’re such a caution
Let’s celebrate, shall we?

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