Monday, January 31, 2011

I Remember

I hated that your hair would sometimes
Fall across your eyes
Getting over it was easy
Because of your smile
You used to laugh at all my jokes
And cry at my sad stories
And tell me at odd times
That you loved me
I’d get sentimental
It would put you off
A little, I think
Sadness reigned when there’d been a quarrel
An oppressing feeling of doom
But it would end so quickly
With those steamy wet kisses
And of course the other
So nice
We were the same people then
We were very different
Look back now and smile
Traipse down memory lane with me
We’ll stumble a bit
Being less nimble these days
But what fun we’ll have
Come here
Look at this picture
See how happy we were
Young lovers
Looking at forever
And seeing only each other
In the next moment to come
Bound to be happy
Filled with each other
Cute names for
Each other
Stories to tell
Fascination with our bodies
My oh my
How time flew

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