Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Don’t Look Now

Watch the dancer leap
Look at the man drive the stake into the muddy ground
See the squirrel carry the nut away
Explore the visions in your mind
Wonder at what each is about
Contemplate the true meaning of the colors
Think about it
You’ll go
Utterly mad
Wrestling with demons
The temerity of the anguished thinker
The pure crystalline lunacy of thought
Don’t you dare
Don’t look at the notes of the trumpet
Don’t debate the falling leafs
Don’t eat the rain
You’ve got work to do
Places to go
Appointments to keep
There’s nothing to be gained by the arcane
Knowledge is death
You’ve only got to be
Keep breathing
Leave that brain alone
It’s purely functional
(Or did I really mean fictional)
Pray tell
The smells of the poems will get to you
Just as perfect prose will elude you
So just stop
You’re not alone in this
Hey! See the cloud formation?

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