Monday, January 3, 2011

Woman on the Subway

Stood next to a woman on a subway train
She was every girl I had a bad relationship
(When I was young(er))
Pretty in a way that would grown on you
An “interesting” look that quickly evolved into beauty
Gorgeous green eyes
Self-assured, smart, but oddly pensive
Casually attired
Of medium height with short hair and tight jeans
Wearing a practical knit green hat
Something missing, a little off
She’d been visited by a some ill fortune
Left scarred and searching for answers
Settled for lovers who could hurt her
Not time for sweet guys like me
Once we proved ourselves gentle we were of no use
Makes quick decisions yet not impulsive
Back in my single days I’d have said something cute to her
Would have arranged to meet for coffee
Quick clutching grabbing romance rich in passion
Ending quickly, my heart torn asunder
She’d say she was sorry
Would sense she only half was
I’d get over her quickly only because
I’d meet her doppelganger a month later
Who are these mystery women
What do they search for
Do they find it
I know why we are taken in by them
Enticing, alluring, and we’re sure we can fix them
Life is rich

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