Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Question Man

For what is a man if not his will?
What is a woman if not the change she seeks?
These questions agonize us
Yet we go on oblivious to the pain of unanswered questions
There is hope in this
As there is in the lazy afternoons spent with tea and company
Perhaps a favorite author
A director
A musician
Or better yet, far ranging conversation with a true friend
Best of all a lover and the delights thereto
We may satisfy ourselves on certain points
Dwell not on the unknown my young friends
But ignore them at your peril
The unexamined life is not worth ignoring
To turn a phrase
Play with words
They are adroit, quite flexible
The perimeters we put up for them are false
Truth is in our usage
Gain is there
Questions lead to more questions
And this is good
There is no end
Only more beginnings
Live life anew
Breath heartily
Think constantly but not always (?)
Lead a life worth talking about
Lead a life worth hearing about
Challenge yourself and others
To be the better angel residing within us all
Sage advice, me thinks

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