Sunday, August 8, 2010

It Started on a Train

I caught the last train from Swansea
On my way to the big city
There was a tentativeness to the brunette
Sitting across from me
She was reading WH Auden but sneaking peaks
At me, by God
I offered a smile
She did likewise but went back to her poetry
I pretended to read the Times
Crossed her leg and grazed me
Excuse me
More smiles
Finally the conversation started
Flirting more like it
I liked her
The lipstick that matched her scarf
The scarf that matched her lipstick
Her shape
The purr of her voice
We exchanged contact information
Boldly I kissed her goodbye when
At last we parted
I fantasized about her for days
Finally we met again
Dinner, the theater, passion
But separate ways soon beckoned
We met others
I really liked her but that’s the way
It goes
And it all goes

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