Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That One

Oh she had moves all right
That one
The way her ass swayed
She was cute
That one
Face of an angel
Legs from here to way way over there
A body that couldn’t have been sculpted
To be more perfect
And when she smiled...
At you?
Forget it
The hook was in even if
She didn’t want what she was catching
That one
A light, lilting laugh
A practiced innocence that
With a come hither look
That...Oh I can’t say
But suffice to say
I say
That one
She could have what she wanted
No need for long talks
What’s to get to know?
You just wanted to be with her
Be seen, then later unseen
Question: At what point did it matter
That there was no there
How long could you feel empty with
That one
Oh she had it all
As long as you didn’t want anything

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