Saturday, August 28, 2010


Don’t say a thing
Leave it be let them sing
You cannot hold them back
Those voices are too strong
To even try to do so
Simply would be wrong
Their melody is precious
It’s of a special kind
No truer voices will you hear
No bolder will you find
Yes they come from long ago
From humans long since dead
But pay attention to every word that’s said
Many would suppress them
Or ask you not take heed
But their eternal wisdom is something that we need
Do not stay their call for compassion
Their pleas for love and giving
Oh much kinder they are then those who are yet living
They are heroes from history
The likes of Gandhi, Lincoln and King
We should listen to their message
We should let their voices ring!
No it is the hateful we should shun
The bigots we should scorn
Let us hear the message of peace finally be re-born
Don’t say a thing
Let them rise
Let them be
Let their voices out
Let them free

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