Monday, August 16, 2010

Tis I

The donut quivered in the midnight sun
The burden of its dreams
Were twisting this sad and lonely one
And echoing all its screams
If only release could be found
If the journey to nowhere
Were not just round and round
Then it wouldn’t care
Oh how apathetic it’d been for oh so many years
Through so much pain and sorrow
It drank away its fears
For surely all that liquor
Had made these disappointments
Disappear so much quicker
And in this aching life of denial
With spirits oh so handy
A way of standing every trial
Could be found in so much brandy
The donut longed to live life over
Blessed with all the luck
Every charm every four leaf clover
Would rise it above the muck
The wanting of another life was the cause of so much pain
Was it any wonder
That it’d nearly gone insane
Quivered it did so beaten by it all
But the unrelenting midnight sun
Was not real, not at all
And it was not a donut 
Just a man like you and me
Check that, not like you, for truly it was me

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