Friday, August 13, 2010

When it Got Noisy -- The Possibility of Eden

There was noise in the streets in
The action time of the 1960’s
People wanted real change
Not the slogan kind
They wanted
They insisted upon
Better for all
Skin, gender, orientation
Shouldn’t matter
There was supposed to be peace
And we all said: Let’s have it
By God!
It was okay to be young
Cool was not just for movies
We stood up said
Count us
Listen man
We have stuff to say
So it was to the streets to say it
We mattered and new it
Generations changing in the blink of an eye
Liberation of all kind
Our ever-lovin’ best efforts to make it
And to make it
All better
Had to shout to be heard
We sang too
A new sound
Bold meaningful and yet so pretty too
Like us
We believed
We’d looked into our minds and seen
The possibility of Eden
Taking off the suit and tie
Letting down our hair
Just to be us
Who we wanted to be
And we wanted to be part of
The change that was a comin’
So to the streets
Shouting for what we wanted
That’s when it got noisy

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