Thursday, August 12, 2010

I’ve Seen

The purple side of Paris
I’ve seen it nights and days
The dancing of the spoons
I’ve enjoyed in different ways
The light of a crimson moon
Has made me like to swoon
The smell of brackish nouns
I’ve experienced in many towns
I’ve loved the look of lavender
The odor of I’ve not yet spent
And on my weekly calender
Has been many a lovely scent
You see my mind has many facets
Does tricks I like a lot
My brain uses all its gaskets
Without benefit of pot
Rhyming is too easy
Whether healthy or a bit sneezy
But warm water spelunking
Is nothing like jazzy dunking
So I tamper with green-eyed pockets
And listen to faith-based rockets
And when I sleep my dreams
Are of you wearing only lockets

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