Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Smiling beauty tucked away
To be found by a lucky future lover
She elicits sighs and visions of passion
Oh the fantasies about her
She glides where others walk
Her smile invites desires
Thrilling to be near her
A touch would be ecstasy
So much physical perfection
From head to shoulder to hips to knees to toes
Not a blemish
Her eyes so interesting and so interested in all around her
They are more clever by half than most people’s mind
Nothing can watch her like she watches us
A delight to ponder time with her
We who will never know her can allow our waking dreams
To be of having her
Her power to reject does not effect us
We who would die for her will never know her kiss
Nor the dread of her denial
In our minds she wants us only and often
And always
She exults us
In truth we are like angels flitting around her
Unable to intercede
Just watching
Oh my goodness that smile again
Heart aching

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