Friday, December 31, 2010

I Can Ramble, Man

I can ramble, man
Go where light takes me
In the snow...on the beach
Diggin’ the scene, doin’
I can make it here
Or there
I know what I’m about
And how the shimmering sun
-- or the slate gray sky --
Can be the essence of together
I can hop to it
Jump on through it
I can scat and croon
Man, you know I can trill
My heart envelops the love
And the joy (spoken sotto voce) 
Of a million friends of friends
Clasping hearts of glorious companions
The tip toe trails of tigers
The bowling rolling hedgehog
Puttin’ on the dog
It’s all there for me, man
I can go to it and come from it
Same day, matter of fact
You just watch
I’ll come and go
Lovin’ it

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