Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advice to the Young

Cling to your doubts young ones
Know that schools can lie too
Cherish your questions
And recognize your own defiance
But use it wisely and sparingly
Do not rush for answers
Confuse not facts for truth
Don’t be taken in by the easy seduction of artificial highs
Respect the elders who don’t insist on respect
And who don’t talk down to you
Find the dancer within you and feel the rhythms
Don’t hate the haters, just ignore them
Seek the light of love
And the tender embracing care of the giver
Fill your world with friends and cherish them all your days
Make your work your play and your play your work
Make love
And make love a priority
And make making love a priority
Bless the peace makers
Be one
Find yourself then be yourself
Have fun whenever possible
Taste life
Wonder at its miracles
Remember you are divine
Yet you are no better than him or her or even me
We too are divine
Learn to accept what you cannot change
Fight or embrace the rest
Be happy (it’ll do your heart good)

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