Monday, December 6, 2010

The Governess

I think of the governess I never had
With long flowing brown hair and a tender smile
A big cast iron skillet cooks an egg over easy
For me
The rain spatters against the kitchen window
Lacy brightly colored window curtains are pulled back
The cat meows and the dog looks up from his nap
They both yawn
I wonder at women darning socks
My wife frowns at a stupid remark I make
The smell of coffee brewing so redolent of yesterdays
A pretty woman in a short skirt walks by
She wears a light sweater and must cross her arms to keep warm
The rain has stopped, of course
Still, I had no governess, it’s a silly thought really
But I can’t let go of it
There is a strong sexuality to it all
I wonder at the term ash can
There is only one banana in the house and it is too brown
I want to take the camera and shoot pictures of trees
Or flowers
Or the pretty woman who walked by
Even the big cast iron skillet I imagined
Or the governess
What a pretty dress my imaginary governess wears
I lay my head in her lap
My hand itches
I wish I spoke fluent French
I wish I could jitterbug
Instead I drink the delicious coffee my wife made
I love her
Who needs a governess?

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