Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strictly for Medicinal Purposes

It’s got to have that in it
You know, the feeling evoked by spirals
The glorious achievements of the great
It needs rhythm but plenty of bass
Those and these and that
Lots of flourish
Down home happiness and uptown glitz
Sentimental smooches in a daylight romp
The hour long kisses of two new lovers
The sob of the jilted
The random explosion of cars and hearts
Give it feeling, plenty of gusto
Pep it up
All that jazz
More oomph
Cymbals and symbols and dashes to clashes
The radiant sunrise of a brilliant day
Emotion in spades, brother
Make it bounce off the hills and fly through the dells
Make people want to stay
Make ‘em laugh and how
Give it all you got
Make it a romp a jumble a maddening tumble
Put your all into it 
And then some more
The ole 110%
Never mind the grammatical fiction
It’s got to sizzle
It needs to be about something
The message must get across
We’ve got to be left wanting more
Please don’t let us down
We know you want
Go get ‘em tiger

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