Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Prayer

Oh you faded man of empty dreams and forgotten promises
Leave us to our own devices
As you leave those, guide us into temptation
Let us not be drawn in any further by your vacuous meanderings
Let us have strength to wonder at the improbability of the holy
Give us this day our daily reprieve from the mindless chatter
Let us feel the strength and power of the unity within our universe
Draw us kindly but swiftly away from equivocation with evil forces
Those hateful wielders of unjust powers
Be us oh mighty we and be we oh loving us
We are our mantra
We are our serenity
Let us not touch the scalding fires of man made hells
But let us bathe in the tender caress of a million hugs
Give us peace eternal as we damn the noisy and infernal
Soar from the banality of your evil
Reach heavenward for the goodness of our past souls
We reject that which seeks to bind us to anger
We rejoice in the light of a child’s tender kiss
Forever and never hey men

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