Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Life on Life’s Terms

I hear the booming thunder, see the lightning strike
I watch the volleyball player set up her teammate’s spike
I wonder at the questions that plague the thoughtful mind
I marvel at the pleasure that through true love we find
I sing of songs most gracious that yet remain unsung
I long to feel the probing of the pretty lady’s tongue
I weep wail and bluster
I store up all the indignation I can muster
At the wrong that man has wrought
And shake my head in wander at the wars that we have fought
I contemplate the brevity of the time that we are here
I regret that so much is spent in ignorance and fear
I celebrate my kinfolk, lovers, pals and friends
I hope fond memories of you are something that never ends
We fight we dance we talk we scheme
But what we do best is perchance to dream
But I pause now to say this to one and all
Please heed these words I shout be you short or be you tall
Smite the lonely angry ranter those who hate and in turn spew
Leave the good life for those who kindness always like to do
Blessed are those who like to make the peace
They are to be always cherished and deserve life’s finest feast
I hear now the splatter of the rain and love its pretty sound
I enjoy the way my life continues to astound
Roll on you happy days may you outnumber the doleful and sad
Glory to be life and love and to the best days we’ve ever had

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