Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I raged at the dying of the dawn
The arrogant moaning of sunsets gone
I screamed and hollered at the fat and greedy
As they ignored the poor and needy
I wondered aloud at lives gone wrong
I sadly pondered the bustling throng
I came to see all is not well
In places of ignorance that resemble hell
I stomped my foot at the blazing sun
And the evil that some men have done
I cried real tears over sins of lust
And unhappy lives that come to dust
There it goes the Wintry day
Time again for children to play
As softly I caress the bursting flowers
While making love to precious hours
Hope is always our best road to take
And love not war is what we should make
I love you life I truly do
And celebrate each day that’s new
Though I may rage and I may scream
I put my faith into a dream
My screaming fits will fade quite soon
And then I’ll sing a happy tune

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