Thursday, December 23, 2010

He Talks to Jesus

There is a man living alone outside a village
He talks to Jesus everyday
You cannot convince him otherwise
Nor should you try
He is certain of what he does
He has seen angels in his attic
He is certain of it
This is man without doubts
He is certain of his plow
Of his dog, Vic
A believer in his garden
Faithful to his well
True to his visions
The man has a perpetual stubble on his chin
To other people he is gruff
His mate died long ago
They were childless
He doesn’t leave his land
Visiting town only to buy food and supplies
Talking to Jesus during his walks
Tending his chickens
Scrambling their eggs
Enjoying coffee before a roaring fire
Resolute in his few beliefs
Determined to see out every day
Never lonely
Who’s to tell him to live another way?
Who’s to tell him to change?
He is clean
He talks to Jesus
In his own mind
Which is strong, clear and his very own

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