Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Who am I
Am I this age
Or all the ages I’ve ever been
Am I my body
Or my mind
Am I my accomplishments
Or my dreams
Am I who I say
Or am I your perceptions of me
Am I wrong or right
Am I happy or sad
Does who I am depend on what I’ve just done
Or what I’ve just thought
Or what I’ve just said
Or what I’m planning on doing
And who are you
Are you my reflection of you
Or are you something I cannot know
How can we possibly get along
We must be in each other’s way
We look at the world very differently
We have our own biases and life experiences
We have our own tastes and desires
We dream differently
Yet here we are together
Who are we
Is there a we
Is it mostly you or mostly me
Or is we perfectly equal
Are we our common ground
Do we only exist when we’re together
Is there no we when we’re apart
How is this all different from us
I’m a bit confused today

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