Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dangerous Man

This is the story of a dangerous man
He claims to be doing the best that he can
His motives are pure, he will always claim
The results of his actions are always the same
He forges ahead living the life
Steering clear from trouble and strife
Takes care of business and pay his bills
His life is free of excitement and thrills
Asks no questions doesn’t what to know
His mind and soul have ceased to grow
Likes the simple life, especially his TV
What it doesn’t show him he’ll never see
Pays his taxes and votes without thought
Just is grateful for what he’s got
Follows all the laws and to the letter
But does not a thing to make things better
Cares not at all about injustice and wrongs
Imagines they’re words just mentioned in songs
Poverty, war and pollution aren’t his concern
If its not his house on fire, let it burn
The dangerous man doesn’t rob, destroy or kill
But he’s the main reason our society is ill
His apathy is contagious it’s in every town and city
The dangerous man -- what a pity

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