Thursday, December 2, 2010

In 1967

I’ve been offered a job at Dow Chemical making napalm
I think I’ll pass on it
And burn draft cards instead 
(That’s instead of burning people)
I’m strongly against the war
I oppose American imperial aggression
I support indigenous people
I hate the military industrial complex
My priorities have shifted lately
I’m less inclined to care about what society tells me to care about
And more drawn to what I think is important
I’ve gotten into Eastern philosophy
Zen meditation
I don’t eat meat anymore
(Though I think eating the rich is a good idea)
I’m concerned about the environment
But actually want to turn my concern into action
I accept the differences in others more readily
But am less tolerant of hate, violence and greed
I think positive changes are coming 
But don’t intend to sit around and wait for them
I believe in the spirt of the people 
But only as connected to nature and animals
My hair is really long now
I hardly ever watch TV but listen to a lot of music
FM radio
I drive a VW van
I’m mostly happy
I live with my girlfriend though I don’t call her that
I call her my old lady
I’m her old man
One other thing: power to the people!

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