Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Back

Please send me on an acid flashback
Let me have a moment of pure psychedelic transportation
Into a trippy hippie dippy minute
Let me re-live the madness of my youth and the soul-searching pursuit 
Of the elusive truth
Take me back to Gasoline Alley where I hung with Rod
Send me via the Jefferson Airplane on a flight of fancy
Where I can see Ziggy Stardust kissing Joplin
On the stairway to heaven
Let me go across the universe
In a mind bending 60 seconds with my generation
I need for a moment to have my brain tumbling down that endless grassy hill
In a delicious reminder of purple haze
While crooning with Winwood and running through fields of grass
*That kind* (wink)
I have to laugh uproariously at the banality of the middle class
Hops and jumps and caresses of the incense and peppermint
Jugs of wine fueling an old VW Van that takes me to a dappled moon
Oh yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah
I need the soaring clouds in my soul to lift me to galaxies untouched by other minds
Just give me this

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