Thursday, February 3, 2011

Desperately Seeking Answers

There’s got to be a better reason
Has to be more to all of this
Can’t just amount to that little wisp of a cloud
Where is the thunder and the lightning?
It all seems to add up to zero
No matter what you add to the mix
All have gone missing
If they ever were here
Bring us something to hold on to
Don’t leave us clutching at straws
Invisible ones at that
All the lovely lyricism 
All the beauty
All the roaring, flinging, melding, ecstasy
Has to lead us to a higher truth
Not just the void
Not just the pain
Not just the emptiness
Give us this day our meaning
Or how else do we go on?
Do we just live to live
Strive to get
And not know why?
It’s not enough

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