Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Please

May I please see more commercials on my Tee Vee
May we please have more guns for everyone
May we please have more fast food eateries available
May we please all hold mortgages
May we please have monster truck rallies every weekend
May we honor our country again by singing the national anthem
May we please salute and honor our troops
May we please go on thinking in monotone
May color be in our Tee Vees and not our minds
May we not ask questions except when asking for more
May we have faster and better communications
So we can talk about all we have
All we have
We have
Lead us not into contemplation
Deliver us from introspection
Let us not mind the great and wallow in the trivial
Please share more celebrity gossip and we won’t complain
About anything 
Except what you threaten to take away from us
Once we get everything we’ll want for nothing
Except more

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