Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the World

I heard someone ask: how does it feel to be back in the world again?
Unless you are an astronaut, it is the only place you can be
People often say: wait’ll you get out into the real world
This implies that some of the world is fake
It’s not
It’s all real and we’re all in it all the time
I mean, can you imagine....
Psychedelics sort of take us out of our minds
But never out of the world
A place that surrounds us as we surround it
Yeah we do
Our whole vibe -- if you can dig it -- wraps itself around everything
We ARE everything
We are in the and of and a part of and always living in
The world
It’s all real, any part that you’re in
At anytime
Regardless of what you are doing
Very real 
And we share it!
Get used to the idea brothers and sisters

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