Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The soft moist grass after a night of drizzle
A bird flitting around in search of food
Drops from a leaf strike a passing cat on the head
The morning sun peaks through a gap in the clouds
Heavy footfalls on the lawn as person picks a lemon from a tree
From an overlooking room comes the laughter of a child
Somewhere an old lorry rumbles up a road
It’s belching engine is an assault on morning tranquility
Children emerge from the house
A squirrel scrambles up a tree carrying a nut
A dog sniffs at the tree
The clouds merge and the rain returns
The children scurry inside
They are met by a sleepy mother in a bathrobe
Hot muffins and cocoa are served
The cat meows at the front door
The dog scratches at the back
The father gets in the shower
It’s Saturday

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