Monday, February 7, 2011

In Answer to a Prayer

I heard God’s silence crashing through the din
It was unequivocal in its solemnity
I felt the rush of end times
But ignored it all for the cheap thrill of a $2 sandwich
I left myself standing somewhere while I searched in vain for answers
Answers to the eternal questions
The why questions
I was met with only dances of illusion
Tricks of the intellect that suggest something that can never be
Is and always has been
I’m not buying any of it anymore
Nor am I accepting shallow promises from hucksters
Cheap or otherwise
Never again will I stride merrily down the lane in anticipation of the divine
It’s not coming and I may as well get used to it
God can ignore me all day and I’ll not pay attention
I’ve music and poetry and those bedazzling arrays of silly thoughts
That will occupy my mind until you shut up
For it was you who told me of God’s message
The one I never heard
Despite my needs, my desires, my lusty passions
There is the sound of God somewhere
To be heard sometime
I suppose
But I will charm my way to future tomorrows
Just to see the dawn break and see God’s smile
Time will tell

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