Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just An Average Joe

“He looks like the emcee of a nightmare.” - From ‘The Waltz’ by Dorothy Parker.
Indeed the imperfect man
Stumbling about so
Everything calculated so nothing quite right
No dapper dipper on the dance floor
Conversations like chewing paste
A mind unsettled upon nothing
But, of course, the rudimentary
Still fundamentally wrong
Universally known as a NICE GUY
Adored by his imagination
But in his reality, even he’s not fooled
Quite the singer
If you like blenders
As an athlete is all big toes 
Can charm a five year old
But not for long
Never met an opinion he wouldn’t consider
But only across its surface
Company man through and through
Nails neatly trimmed
Smells like cheap soap
Acts like it too
A good neighbor and friend
Provided you want for nothing
Curious about statistics 
Can’t be bothered with ideas
There he comes now
Let’s all settle in for a nice yawn

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