Monday, February 14, 2011

Then There’s Love

I tired of friends’ stories about the horrors of Catholic school
It did not compare to having a leg blown off in Vietnam
I winced when you came in with your account of long lines at the store
It did not compare to a deadly crocodile attack
You mourned
You cried
I whispered
I lied
You read Dante
I watched hockey
You talked of having too much stuff
I laughed at the beer commercial
Someone called, you answered
I did not find it amusing
There was a long lull
Then to bed and we made love
I drank water
You snored
There was a dream about flying pirates at my old high school
Or was it my grandfather mowing our lawn?
I listened intently the next morning over breakfast to you
Fascinating how you recount the previous day
And I, in turn, preview the coming one
Just don’t make me hang out with friends who talk of Catholic school
I love you

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